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Ajit Khadel

Ajit Khadel, 59, a financial accountant from Mumbai, was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes 12 months ago.  

“The night time events started three months after being diagnosed. It was very worrying, firstly to be diagnosed with diabetes and then to experience shaking and sweating in my sleep,” Ajit says.

A normally active and busy person, Ajit wanted to quickly understand and manage his diabetes. “It was important to stabilise my diabetes. I visited my doctor every week to report the events I had experienced and to develop a management plan,” Ajit says.

A combination of diet and medication helped Ajit and, seven months after being diagnosed with diabetes, the number of night time hypoglycaemic events Ajit was experiencing reduced from one per week to one every month.  

"I was worried I was having a cardiac arrest when I had my first night time event."  

Ajit Khadel, Mumbai, India             

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These stories faithfully represent the experiences of the individuals included. Other people living with diabetes may find
that their experiences vary. This material is for educational purposes only.