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Britta Larsson

Britta Larsson, 62, from Vasteras, Sweden has lived most of her life with Type 1 diabetes        

Britta was first diagnosed in 1963 and she used to experience a lot of night time hypoglycaemic events. “I was not managing my diabetes properly back then. I was young and I wanted to be out with my friends rather than worry about my diabetes,” Britta says.

“Night time events have always been a part of my diabetes and I am used to them, but my husband is more concerned. I tell him not to worry, but we are very close and he wants to make sure I stay healthy,” Britta says.          

"I think my husband is more worried than I am about night time events. He often wakes me up when I start to shake and get hot."  

Britta Larsson, Vasteras, Sweden             

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