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Carole Bureaux

Carole Bureaux, 54, a hardware store owner from Givraines, France, has experienced night time hypoglycaemic events since aged 16.

“I’ve had so many, they have become a part of my life. I often wake up with a headache that pulses through my brain. I used to worry, but now I accept the pain and tiredness that comes with not being able to sleep,” Carole says.

Carole has Type 1 diabetes and for the past 38 years she has experienced at least one night time event per month.

Carole understands that family doctors play an important role in educating people with diabetes about night time events.

"Family doctors need to raise the issue of night time events so they are aware of what might be happening during sleep and the severe tiredness that normally follows."  

Carole Bureaux, Givraines, France             

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These stories faithfully represent the experiences of the individuals included. Other people living with diabetes may find that their experiences vary. This material is for educational purposes only.