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David Murray

David Murray, 54, is a retired chartered surveyor, from Liverpool, England. 

In his spare time, David referees football matches and the most important part of his kit is glucose gel, in case he experiences a hypoglycaemic event on the pitch.

David was first diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes aged 34. But the first night time hypoglycaemic event he was aware of wasn’t until five years ago, aged 49, when he woke up sweating, his bed wet through.          

"I was scared the first time I had a night time event. I knew it was my diabetes but previously it had never happened while I was asleep."  

David Murray, Liverpool, England  

“I was exhausted and breathing heavy, like I had just finished a 90-minute football match. But it was still dark outside and I was sitting on the end of the bed, worried about what was going on,” David says.          

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These stories faithfully represent the experiences of the individuals included. Other people living with diabetes may find
that their experiences vary. This material is for educational purposes only.