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John Cuthbert

John Cuthbert, 53, is a kitchen equipment sales specialist from Nova Scotia.

John was first diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes 13 years ago. But it wasn’t until 2010 when John first realised he was experiencing hypoglycaemia through the night.

"I have at least one night time event every month, which is more often than I experience daytime hypoglycaemic events."

John Cuthbert, Nova Scotia, Canada     

“I’m currently changing the way I manage my diabetes and I’m having more night time events as my body adjusts,” John says.

John believes that healthcare professionals should ask people with diabetes more questions to understand their needs and to put them in touch with their local diabetes clinic. “Diabetes is a serious disease that requires a lot of self-management, but with the right support it’s possible to lead a normal life,” John says.         

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These stories faithfully represent the experiences of the individuals included. Other people living with diabetes may find
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