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Rafael Mendoza

Rafael, 56, lives in Coacalco, Mexico. He has Type 2 diabetes which he has had for the last 12 years.


He has been experiencing night time low blood sugar events for the last 15-16 months since he had a heart attack.

“My experience of nocturnal hypoglycaemia is a frustrating one. It cuts down on my sleep time dramatically; I’m constantly waking up so I’m never rested” says Rafael.

The events have had a negative impact on both himself and his relationships, particularly with his wife.

“If you’re constantly waking up, so is your wife. She never gets to rest either.”

Rafael’s son is also affected.

"My son, who is at university, worries his father may experience a more severe event."

Rafael Mendoza, Mexico City, Mexico 

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These stories faithfully represent the experiences of the individuals included. Other people living with diabetes may find that their experiences vary. This material is for educational purposes only.