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Sheila Branch

Sheila Branch, 65, is a former nurse from Pickering, England.    

Sheila was first diagnosed 30 years ago with Type 2 diabetes, but only recently did she realise that she had been experiencing nocturnal hypoglycaemia. “I’ve had other health complications and it's been difficult at times to manage my diabetes, but when I woke up perspiring and with a headache I wasn’t completely sure what had happened.”

Sheila took her blood sugar levels and realised that she had experienced a night time hypoglycaemic event. “Ever since, I have had a lot of night time events, including two in the past week.”

"My day will be ruined because I’ll be so tired, too tired even to drive or walk, which can make me feel jaded. Sheila Branch, Pickering, England"  

Sheila Branch, Pickering, England

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